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3 min readFeb 15, 2021


The main aim of the visitor management system is to properly and effectively process and track guests.

The motivation behind this aim can vary from site to site, but one key, the broad-based explanation is that organizations want to take action to protect their employees and property, and limiting access to facilities is a huge part of achieving that goal.

So, when you buy a Visitor Management system, it is fair that you know what you’re getting: additional security for your site and a way to better track who’s on your premises.

Is it all? Nope!

Besides giving your company a clearer way to monitor who is on-site at any time and to ensure that only welcome visitors can access your facilities, a Visitor Management system built on your site offers a range of additional benefits and features.

Installing a Visitor Management program would have a positive effect on your site well beyond just issuing badges, from having a good first impression to protecting your back in case of problems down the road.

A Visitor Management System Offers A Professional First Impression To Guests Of All Kinds.

Although a guest may come in with preconceived ideas due to reputation or study, for most companies, the first impression a guest will arrive when he or she enters the premises first.

It’s true that the external appearance and issues like the parking situation or the surrounding environment may also lead to a first impression; however, nothing hits as hard as actually entering the facility and speaking with a receptionist or secretary. What impression will your visitors make by checking out your reception with a notepad to sign, a worn-out lanyard with a beat-up PVC card at the end?

It may seem rather overstated, but it’s true: your visitor system is the first real contact an outsider would have with your business. In getting a robust Visitor Management system installed at your entrance, you are ensuring every visitor that you are taking their safety as well as your employees’ protection seriously.

Keeping visitor records with a Visitor Management system helps with compliance and insurance issues.

With a strong Visitor Management Program, any guest who has visited your site will have an electronic or written record! This record can be as accurate as the date and times the visit started and ended depending on your method.

Often, Visitor Management systems may help a company comply with government legislation or industry-leading standards.

VMS serves as a visual deterrent, preventing issues before they have a chance to happen.

You may know that a Guest Management program acts as a security device by clearly defining those who are visitors, keeping a facility secure. Visitor control systems, however, offer extra protection in a particular way: stopping events from ever occurring in the first place.

Installing a VMS at your entrance sends a message to all prospective guests, including those who may come with poor intentions, reminding everyone that security is taken seriously on this site. Like a security guard standing at a bank’s entrance, a Visitor Management system serves as a deterrent to possible intruders, improving site protection by preventing accidents before they occur



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